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Top 10 iyf TV: Trending Chinese Drama

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There is no doubt that, Chinese dramas have been so interesting with the way they make out their stories, cast actors and shoot. Here are the 10 most popular Chinese dramas of 2024 currently on Iyf TV that are gaining international attention.

  1. Bed with a Stranger (2024): ‘Bed With A Stranger’ is a gripping Chinese play set in Hong Kong where the life of Yeung Man Sum takes a dramatic change when his wife who has been missing comes back suddenly after seven years to challenge his newfound love and unveil webs of secrets.
  2. The Legend of Shen Li (2024): In the Legend of Shen Li, a fierce immortal warrior, Shen Li, is compelled into an arranged marriage but she instead opts for freedom so as to live among mortals where she meets Xing Zhi who is an old god. While fighting against renewed evil and searching for truth in a world of concealed information, their longing for one another becomes their source of strength.”
  3. Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024): In the midst of a love snow storm follows pool player Yin Guo who finds love with Lin Yi Yang during an unexpected snowstorm, unaware of his own prior career as a pro billiards savant. Their bond grows stronger as they negotiate their mutual love for the game and each other.
  4. War of Faith (2024): “War of Faith” shows Wei Ruo Lai’s journe­y. He goes from Kuomintang star to Communist helpe­r. This occurs during 1930s Shanghai turmoil. His loyalty and beliefs change as the­ economy struggles against blockades.
  5. Yong An Dream (2024): Yong An Dream is an enthralling combination of historic conspiracy, suspense and adolescent love story as two spirits join hand in investigating the origin of a city’s turmoil. This fantasy drama directed by Huang Bin, Deng Wei En and Chen Qiang will fascinate you with its story about love and fairness that are intertwined during difficult times.
  6. Hidden Love (2023): The Hidden Love Chinese drama is a sentimental story about Sang Zhi who meets her former childhood friend Duan Jia Xu and they fall in love all over again. They have various near historical occurrences reminding them of their pasts, hence creating an emotional bond filled with laughter and tenderness.
  7. The Farewell Song (2024): The Fare­well Song is an interesting story. It is a romantic thrille­r and a mystery Chinese drama. The­ show is about Ma Zhuo and Xia Ze. They were­ childhood sweethearts. Howe­ver, they got separate­d due to a murder mystery involving the­ir parents. During this dangerous and uncertain time­, they discover the truth about the­ir feelings for each othe­r. This experience­ is a difficult journey through the loss of love.
  8. Best Choice Ever (2024): “Best Choice Ever” is a drama about Cheng Huan’s struggle to free herself from her mother’s clutches so that she can pursue her career and find love. The drama was directed by Tian Yu and Wang Cheng Xin in a Chinese romantic comedy that captures the heart of finding love within family and business contexts. Well performed by Yang Zi with Xu Kai as lead character fans get to watch a touching story of growing up, girls’ power and a twist of love.
  9. Live Surgery Room (2024): at the live surgery room, the tension is palpable as Zhen Ren together with his team go through this intricate procedure without any distractions. Each movement has to be precise while each decision critical especially when one considers that they are working against time under glaring operations lights just to save lives.
  10. 19th Floor (2024): Chun Yu, a university student receives a cryptic message about “19th floor of hell”. She gets stuck with other students in a horrifying mobile game set in a haunted building. To evade being put into coma, Chun Yu will have to defeat each floor with Gao Xuan while targeting for level 19 which remains unknown.

With captivating storytelling and a range of genres represented, these top 10 Chinese dramas will entertain and intrigue any viewer. If romantic comedies, mysteries or fantasy is your thing, then all these series are definitely yours till the final episode.

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