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Top 10 iyf TV: Trending Korean Dramas 

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If you are a fan of Korean dramas, here is the latest information on the current top 10 trending dramas on iyf TV. With that, we will keep you updated on the dramas coming on the channel.

  1. Queen of Tears (TV Series 2024)- The Queen of Tears Korean drama is a very interesting and highly emotional love story between Baek Hyun woo and Hong Hae in that shows their lives full of trials and misunderstandings, with brilliant performances by Kim Soo hyun and Kim Ji won.
  2. Parasyte: The Grey (2024) – The show Parasyte­: The Grey shows us a planet ove­rrun by space organisms. It centers on Jung Soo In. He­r life gets tangled with a parasite­. At the same time, othe­rs try to kill all parasites. Seol Kang Woo and Choi Jun Kyung lead this fight. The­ir bond is odd and unexpected.
  3. Wedding Impossible (2024) – Wedding Impossible: When struggling actress Nah Ah-jeong agrees to pose as her friend Do-han’s wife, she enters a tangled web of family secrets and rivalries, with his ambitious brother Ji Han and a potential bride, Chae Won, complicating matters.
  4. Flex X Cop (2024) – Flex X Cop, a thrilling mix of action, myste­ry, comedy, has Jin Yi Soo, a rich heir. He joins a rough te­am hunting clues. Working with cop Lee Kang Hyun, who doubts his skills at first. The­ir story unfolds through twists that will grip you.
  5. Marry My Husband (2024) – Marry My Husband is an enthralling play about Kang Ji Won’s experience of a problematic marriage, bad news from the doctor as well as new opportunity to change her life history; all happening in conjunction with unanticipated love and treachery. With its strong plot and character development, it has earned 8.6 out of 10 points on My Dramalist.

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  1. Beauty and Mr. Romantic (2024) – Beauty and Mr. Romantic is an interesting story of a famous actress, Park Do Ra, trying to find peace in her life with the demands of her mother while rekindling with Go Pil Sung, the assistant director, who they are working together under difficult conditions.
  2. A Shop for Killers (TV Series 2024)- A Shop for Killers narrates the traumatic journey Jian goes through following the death of her uncle under mysterious circumstances and subsequent aversion from professional assassins, thus compelling her to depend on his enigmatic training in order to stay alive. With a jaw-dropping rating of 8.8 on My Dramalist, this suspenseful story hooks viewers right from the start with its high-octane scenes as well as thrilling surprises.
  3. Love for Love’s Sake (2024) – Tae Myung Ha is a central figure of this beautiful South Korean drama dealing with the cyber world in an attempt to bring smiles on Cha Yeo Woon’s face, which is skillfully interwoven through the instrumentality of Cheon Sang Won and Ahn Kyung Hoon. It has an impressive rating of 8.8/10 on My DramaList while it presents love, destiny, and maturation in its own uncommon way that captures the attention of viewers.
  4. The Midnight Studio (2024) – A Korean TV show calle­d The Midnight Studio is about a photo studio owner named Se­o Ki Joo. He is the seve­nth owner of this special studio. It’s only for taking photos of ghosts. The show also has a lawye­r character named Han Bom. Ki Joo and Han Bom work togethe­r. They deal with supernatural stuff and also justice­ issues. On MyDramaList, the show gets an 8.1 rating, which is pre­tty good. Viewers can expe­ct an interesting story. It mixes myste­ry, fantasy, and human emotion eleme­nts well.
  5. Captivating the King (2024) – Captivating the King is a Korean drama that tells a story about love, betrayal and historical intrigue in which Prince Lee In, who falls in love with his unknown adversary in baduk and turns out to be a spy Kang Hee Soo. These characteristics make it highly rated by many viewers who scored it as 8.0/10 on My Dramalist due to its emotional and dramatic aspects portrayed through its storyline.

IYF TV is the ultimate choice for any Korean drama fan where there are umpteen number of fascinating stories to choose from ranging from romantic dramas that touch souls inside out and also scary genres. These shows have stars who can act and plots which grab onto anyone watching them.

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